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Soprano Package

The SOPRANO Package includes EVERYTHING available that’s in our BASS ,TENOR,  ALTO  AND MEZZO Package for featured artists

This includes:

  • One month in the spotlight as a featured artist on Music Talks (two weeks on Music Talks is not possible with this package, due to the amount of work this will incur and the time it takes to contact radio.)

  • One month of promotion of Twitter, Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Buzzsumo, The Bing Bing, Reddit, ScoopIt, Paperli and more.

  • Content created for you in both still format and promotional video.

  • A 12-month listing on our Artist Directory where industry professionals, radio and other blogs can find you.

  • Get 30% off an annual subscription or 15% off monthly subscriptions to Music Gateway

  • Our Radio, blog and PR Directory which consists of 300 active radio, blog and PR listings. These have been handpicked based on the value, trust and who is still actively on social media.

  • Our Tip Talks E-Book full of great advice for all artists, including; how to find a sponsor, crowdfunding, essential tips for social media, mentality of festival goers…what to expect and how to prepare for playing at music festivals and more.

  • Your featured article uploaded to 800 blog sites including Digg. Mail out to over 3,000 radio stations around the world.

  • Worldwide Press release of featured article to 430 Press Distribution platforms. Guaranteed to go onto 400+ culture sites, and listed for you to see every site. (eg. CBS, Fox, NBC, ABC, Radio Sites)


  • Artists receive a copy of the video content created for their own use with artist logo on outro instead of the Music Talks outro, as well as the intro/outro on it’s own for your future use with your own video and content.

Featured places on Music Talks are chosen based on the quality of your music. If you music is not of high quality and you can not provide us with pr pictures and video footage, you will receive a full refund. 

Please check your email spam folder after your purchase to receive your eBooks, codes and other information required.

Check your spam folder regularly for any correspondence.

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