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If you are featured on Music Talks, not only do you get to tell your story, but you are promoted on all major social media platforms, your story goes out to another 800+ Arts and Culture blogs but we market you in a way in which gains attention through our unique and professional content thats created through video promotion. 

​Depending on the package you choose, your story can be plastered throughout the world via many mediums to over 3000+ Blogs and Radio. 

Submit Your Music to Top Indie Music Blog

It’s your Story. Don’t let anyone else hold the pen.

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MUSIC TALKS Artist Directory is where artists will be able to place their profile pictures, short bio and links. 

This will enable others from within the music industry to find music talent they require weather it be for other blogs, radio, labels, management or other music related services. 

Music Talks has also developed a large data base of music industry bloggers, radio, management and labels in which they will be contacted on a semi-regular basis inviting them to explore our artists directory. 

With-in our artist directory there is a private portal only available for radio to access which then enables them to download any of the artists tracks who are on the directory for their own radio shows. 

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 We are alway’s reaching out to others and inviting them to be a part of our directory.

6 month or 12 month listings are available.

Get 30% off an annual subscription or 15% off monthly subscriptions to Music Gateway when purchasing a 12 month listing.

Packages on Music Gateway Here.

An option for the artist directory is also included in our packages if you’re submitting for a featured artist or promotion package.  Or can can choose the Artist Directory on it’s own.

When choosing to list for the 12 month artist directory, a code for the for Music Gateway will be sent to you.

“Never Underestimate The Power Of Music”

Let’s Rock! 

Promote your Album/EP or Single for one month on Music Talks with the link directly to your EP/Album or Single to iTunes or other digital service as well as promoting your Album on our social media platforms. Submit your music EP, single or album on Music Talks.

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What Fans are Saying

Submit Your Music to Top Indie Music Site Music Talks

Tracey Arbon of MusicTalksX.Y.Z is invaluable to all independent singers,musicians,songwriters,artists etc
MusicTalks has continuous ever changing relevant music directory information which is refreshing,Tracey Arbon genuinely wants to help you and support you on your journey.
This is Industry knowledge from someone who is in the music industry,who knows the power of information but the right information.
I am so grateful to have MusicTalks in my corner.”

Alicia Mills – Australia

Music Testimonial

“”Music Talks shares valuable information about music industry and connects indie artists with the world. This site is an absolute gem for someone like me who is always on a quest to find new music.” 

Johanna Laakkonen – Finland