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You promise that any information you provide us will be accurate, current and complete.



To register for access to our ‘Radio Portal’, you must agree that you are an active DJ, Radio Station Manager, Music Dept. Manager of a Radio Station, Music Director of a current active radio station or Active Broadcaster of a Current Radio Station or Network. 

You agree not to share any mp3 tracks within the ‘Radio Portal’ and are to downloaded tracks for radio play only on your radio network or station. 

These mp3 tracks are the property of the artist and must not be sold or placed on any compilation CD without prior written consent from the artist. 



Noteworthy is for the use of sharing valuable advice and information to fans and other artists whom may find beneficial. 

**NOTEWORTHY is not for the use of Artists, Managers, Record Labels , PR or Agents to post about new releases, tour dates, news related items about an artist, or for self promotion. 

As a registered member of ‘Noteworthy’, you may post advice, music news related topics, eg. Spotify is going broke, or other music related information in which would benefit readers and artists in the aim to bring attention to changes within the music industry or relevant news to help guide and advise. 

Current LIMIT of only 3 Posts per month, per registered member.